ABC pierwszej pomocy po angielsku (z przymrużeniem oka)

Wysłane na jedną z anglojęzycznych list dyskusyjnych lekarzy w Internecie

      1. Attorney
      2. Airway

      1. Bank Account
      2. Billing
      3. Breathing

      1. Cash on Hand
      2. Checking Account
      3. Credit Cards
      4. Court Date
      5. Circulation

      If an unconscious patient is encountered, follow the sequence below:

      1. Shake patient and ask: "Annie, Annie, are you insured?"

      2. If no response, position patient to open pockets.
      (Listen for loose change while positioning patient).

      3. Extend neck. Open mouth and look for gold fillings.
      (If time allows check airway).

      4. Palpate neck for gold chains and necklaces.
      Note: Carotid pulse may be an incidental finding.

      5. Palpate pocket for wallet.
      (Tell by-standers you are checking for femoral pulse).

      6. If uninsured call for help immediately.

      7. Traditional CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) is optional at this point.

      8. If no response proceed to ACLS (Advanced Cash Liability Survey).

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